Artisteer es una herramienta que nos puede ayudar para crear nuestras propias plantillas de WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, DotNetNuke y Blogger. Es una herramienta de diseño web automatizado que nos permite diseñar por completo el front-end de cualquiera de las herramientas anteriores.

Instalar y usar plantillas Joomla! de Artisteer

Y ahora os dejo el tutorial original de Artisteer para instalar y usar una plantilla de Joomla!.

Installing Joomla Template

To install an exported and zipped template via the Joomla administration panel please do the following:

  1. Go to Joomla Administrator ( -> Extensions -> Install/Uninstall
  2. In the "Extension Manager" choose the first option "Upload Package File".
  3. Click the "Browse..." button to select the zip file from your computer.
  4. Click the "Upload File & Install" button.

Utilizing Menus

Applying Artisteer style to your menu

Please use the following steps to utilize menu style designed with Artisteer:

  1. Go to Joomla Administrator ( -> Extensions -> Module Manager
  2. Open an existing menu or create a new one and place it into the "user3" position.

NOTE: the "user3" position can contain only a single menu, or none.

Creating multilevel menu

Here are the steps you should follow to create a multilevel menu in your Joomla Website:

  1. Enable multiple menu levels in Artisteer->Menu -> Subitem -> Levels -> Multilevel.
  2. Go to Joomla Administration ( and enable multiple levels in your menu module (Extentions -> Module Manager v click to edit menu (e.g. Top Menu) -> Module Parameters -> "Always show sub-menu Items").
  3. Make sure that you have menu items at lower levels defined in Joomla.

Customizing the Footer

To customize the template footer via Joomla administration place one or multiple modules into the "copyright" position. This will replace the default copyright text included in the template footer with the new content provided by the module.

Here are sample steps to configure custom footer:

  1. Go to Joomla Administrator ( -> Extensions -> Module Manager.
  2. Click "New", select "Custom HTML", then select "Next".
  3. In the module properties specify:
    • Title - Show Title: No
    • Position: copyright
    • Custom Output: (the desired footer content)
  4. Save your changes.

You can now use the newly created module for further footer customizations without utilizing additional modules.

Joomla Positions

Joomla Module Style

The Default Position Style is applied to all modules located within a specific position.
If you want to change the style of a particular module, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Joomla Administration and go to Extensions -> Module Manager.
  2. Select the module you want to edit.
  3. Go to Module Parameters and specify a suffix of your choice in the Module Class Suffix parameter box. You can use one of the available suffixes: art-article, art-block or art-nostyle.

If you specify another suffix (not available in the template) the Default Position Style will be applied to your module.

4.  Save the module settings.


En esta ocasión, os dejo el tutorial original de Artisteer para genear una plantilla de Joomla!

¿Cómo crear plantillas Joomla! con Artisteer?

With Artisteer you can instantly create your own great looking, unique Joomla templates without technical skills or learning Dreamweaver, Photoshop, HTML or CSS. Artisteer's "Ideas" feature automatically produces and proposes new and unique template designs for you, which you can then adjust and finalize to your liking.

Here is how to create and apply great looking Joomla!™ templates in just a few minutes using our joomla template generator:

    1. Start Artisteer and click the "Suggest Design" button several times, until you see a Joomla!™ template idea that you like:

  • Adjust design elements such as layout, background, header, fonts, etc.
  • Export your template to a folder on your computer and zip the files.
  • Upload your newly created Joomla!™ template to your Website via the Joomla!™ Administration -> Extensions -> Install/Uninstall.


Congratulations on your great looking Joomla!™ template!
For more information refer to how to use joomla templates.