logo dolibarr Actualizar Dolibarr de 3.6.x a 3.7.x

Today I decided already upgrade Dolibarr from version 3.6.2 to version 3.7.1. Although upcoming arrival of the new version 3.8, I decided to update and by the news that supposedly brings this version Agenda module.

As the steps are the same as we saw in the previous update, I will not go into too much detail.

Acordaros to back up the databases and files before you begin.

We start from version 3.6.2:

dolibarr 36 37 paso1 Actualizar Dolibarr de 3.6.x a 3.7.x

Now we have to copy the files of the new package we already have in the / httpdocs.

%name Actualizar Dolibarr de 3.6.x a 3.7.xAs we can see, we have the same problems as last time. Not the upgrade version 3.7.x. appears 3.6.xa This is because we copied files bad because we have tried to do everything directly on the server, and this has not replaced existing ones.

Once solved the previous problem, we tried again:


%name Actualizar Dolibarr de 3.6.x a 3.7.x

and now if we need the option appears. Click on the Start button to start the process:

%name Actualizar Dolibarr de 3.6.x a 3.7.x

We check for errors to be highlighted, and click on Next.

%name Actualizar Dolibarr de 3.6.x a 3.7.x

And we see that already successfully completed the migration. Next we press on and finish the process.

%name Actualizar Dolibarr de 3.6.x a 3.7.x

It indicates in a last step, we make sure install.lock create a read-only file in the root of our Dolibarr to block appears again the migration wizard. If we have made updates before, you probably already have it created.

If we go back to the url of our Dolibarr, we can see that already successfully updated to version 3.7.1.

dolibarr 36 37 paso7 Actualizar Dolibarr de 3.6.x a 3.7.x

You may have to use the application find any errors. I found him next happened to comment.

Mistakes that we can find us after finishing with the update:

  • Error: Module xxx was found twice: Into [module path] and [path duplicate module]. You probably hava an old file on your disk.
  • Wanting to create an invoice indicating that an error can not create a folder under the Documents folder appears to us. This is due to lack of permissions on that folder that have been lost during copy new files. If you do not want further complications, assign permissions 755 for folders and 644 for files. Apply to the entire structure of the Documents folder (including subfolders).
  • If upon entering the home page reappears the upgrade process, created in the root folder of your Dolibarr read-only file that is empty and is called install.lock. This will prevent actualize without consent.

This is because I made a backup within a folder httpdocs and the system has detected as a conflict, even if it is off the beaten track application. The solution is simple, just delete the folder or move it to another location that is out of the folder / httpdocs.

And nothing more. Let's see what brings back the agenda, and waiting out the new version 3.8.1 and I do not like to install the initial versions that usually bring many bugs in the first release version.

If you need help or would you prefer that I myself perform the migration, you can contact me you here or through my professional web www.tejadasolutions.com.

Keep updated your ERP / CRM Dolibarr

logo dolibarr Actualizar Dolibarr de 3.6.x a 3.7.x


  • Upgrade your Dolibarr without complications or risks to the latest version.
  • Keep your data safe. I perform backup before performing the process.
  • all information is migrated without losing anything.
  • Escríbeme y te daré presupuesto personalizado sin compromiso pulsando el siguiente botón:

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