The process of transfrencia domain It's very simple. I will explain the process that should be done if you want to move a domain from another provider to Siteground.

The reasons why I decided to move a domain to Siteground are:

  • Hosting more economical
  • more powerful servers
  • Servers optimized for WordPress
  • 24h support phone from 900th
  • More intuitive administration panel
  • More resources (hard disk, databases, bandwidth, backups, etc.)

If you convince my reasons and you want to hire one of the services they offer, do it from this link or by clicking on the image. Thus Siteground gratify me by to get new customers.

250x250 es ES Cómo transferir un dominio a Siteground

Steps to transfer the domain

Going to the point, let's see how to transfer a domain from another hosting provider to Siteground so we can begin working with this new provider. The steps are the following:

Unlock the domain in the previous hosting

From the website of another hosting provider we go to the domain configuration to unlock. If not unblock we can not make the transfer, and we get the EPP authorization code. If you do not know how you will have to contact your support to help you. Once requested the code, we will receive an email with this that we use during the purchase process Siteground.

Buy the transfer Siteground

Once debloqueado, we go to the shopping section Siteground and click on Transfer domain to begin placing the order.

Siteground Transferencia de Dominio 01 Cómo transferir un dominio a Siteground

Check domain status and enter the authorization code

When we press the green button to check the status of the domain, we will check if we have unlocked properly and we ask the EPP authorization code we request from the web from our previous provider. Once those data entered the rest you may require the purchase process will begin with the process moved.

This is for .com domains. .es Domain if the process is simpler because it does not need EPP code. Only we receive an email from where we click on the OK link and enter your website where we confirm the process. That is all.

Siteground Transferencia de Dominio 02 Cómo transferir un dominio a Siteground

What there is and how much time does the process take?

  • the transfer of title must be performed at least 1 month before the domain expires.
  • You can not make the transfer if the renewal has already been requested in the previous provider.
  • Once the purchase Siteground, It will send an email to confirm the process. If we do not cancel everything and the transfer will take place.
  • Once confirmed, the transfer may take about 5 days to complete.
  • In the case of .es domains one started the process all depends on what your previous manager later in confirmation.

And that's it. As you can see the process is simple and the only thing that we have made the move from Domain Management Unit. If then we want to migrate the disk space of the web, we migrate all files to the new hosting provider and update the DNS domain that corresponds with the new provider.
468x60 es ES Cómo transferir un dominio a Siteground





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