One of the problems we can have if we have a web server that does not allow us to update our WordPress for example, getting the error "No HTTP transport available." This is due to our PHP settings, not WordPress.

The typical message we can get if we do not set PHP is as follows:

Descarga fallida No hay medios de transporte HTTP disponibles 02 Descarga fallida No hay medios de transporte HTTP disponibles

To enable the possibility that our WordPress rather our Web Server, can connect to the Internet and download the updates we enable two extensions of PHP.

PHP extensions that we activate is:

extension = php_openssl.dll

extension = php_curl.dll

To enable must edit the php.ini file our PHP installation and look for these lines and remove the semicolon in front of him to enable extensions.

Once we made the change restart Apache and now we can update our WordPress or application you're using utra smoothly.





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