prestashop 1 Error al realizar un Pedido Rápido en Prestashop

By activating prestashop quick order we can have a 500 Internal Server Error. We'll see what the solution is not to be repeated.

It is a very typical error when we set our prestashop quick order mode in 5 Steps that allows us to simplify the purchasing process for our customers. This buying mode and usually generates enough problems is always due to the same reason. In my experience, in different occasions that errors have left me, it was always because of problems with payment modules.

Usually you get a Internal Server Error where I commented a possible solution to the problem. But this time, again analyzing the problem I had, using Firebug, I saw that again have the error 500 Internal Server Error.

Prestashop 500 Internal Server Error 1024x258 Error al realizar un Pedido Rápido en Prestashop

This happened when the order formaización activated the check of Terms and Conditions and did not disappear the lower message: Please accept the terms of service.

Prestashop Error Pedido rapido Error al realizar un Pedido Rápido en Prestashop

I checked payment modules, restart your bank transfer payment, and not resolved. I tried to enter the setup module BowBuy ...

Prestashop Modulos de Pago Error al realizar un Pedido Rápido en Prestashop

And I appeared the following error.

Prestashop Error BowBuy 1024x189 Error al realizar un Pedido Rápido en Prestashop

So as I could determine the cause. Deactivating the module, and you could complete the order without problems. We will wait to take out a version of the module or resolve connectivity with the WebService to return to make use of it. In the meantime, it will disable the store to keep it working properly.

In conclusion. If you have an error with the Quick Order form, surely you encounter any of the payment modules. Review and surely resolvais the problem.



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