logo dolibarr Dolibarr no se deja actualizar

Puede ocurrirnos que al querer actualizar Dolibarr (siguiendo los pasos que ya describimos en otro post), Do not leave us the expected upgrade option. As we can see in the following magen:

%name Dolibarr no se deja actualizar

Dolibarr screen update

the option is not shown to move from version 3.5.2 to version 3.6.2. It should appear on the last line of the following:

%name Dolibarr no se deja actualizar

Option that should be displayed and does not appear at first.


This is because the check.php the install file folder that contains this piece of code:

if (defined("MAIN_NOT_INSTALLED")) $allowupgrade=false;
$migrationscript=array( //array('from'=>'2.0.0', 'to'=>'2.1.0'),
//array('from'=>'2.1.0', 'to'=>'2.2.0'),
//array('from'=>'2.2.0', 'to'=>'2.4.0'),
//array('from'=>'2.4.0', 'to'=>'2.5.0'),
//array('from'=>'2.5.0', 'to'=>'2.6.0'),
array('from'=>'2.6.0', 'to'=>'2.7.0'),
array('from'=>'2.7.0', 'to'=>'2.8.0'),
array('from'=>'2.8.0', 'to'=>'2.9.0'),
array('from'=>'2.9.0', 'to'=>'3.0.0'),
array('from'=>'3.0.0', 'to'=>'3.1.0'),
array('from'=>'3.1.0', 'to'=>'3.2.0'),
array('from'=>'3.2.0', 'to'=>'3.3.0'),
array('from'=>'3.3.0', 'to'=>'3.4.0'),
array('from'=>'3.4.0', 'to'=>'3.5.0')

missing the following line:

array('from'=>'3.5.0', 'to'=>'3.6.0')


That is because we have not performed correctly copy of the new version of the version you have installed. This has happened to me wanting to unzip the zip Dolibarr directly using Plesk hosting and server management environment. To fix this, what I did was create a zip of what was on the server, I get off it locally, I copied over the new version of Dolibarr as we described in the post Update Dolibarr, and I compressed in zip to upload it again server. Once on the server, before decompressing, I deleted all the content that had to avoid overwriting problems. When I had already unpacked, I went back into the browser in the url of my Dolibarr, check the installation and themselves began and finally showed me the option to upgrade from version 3.5.0 Dolibarr to 3.6.0.


Desde ahora, siempre realizo las actualizaciones en local para asegurarme de que se copian siempre todos los ficheros, y después subo al servidor el sistema ya actualizado.

De todas, si no conseguís actualizar y os atascáis por cualquier motivo, siempre podéis solicitarme mi Servicio de Actualizar Dolibarr y seguro que os podré ayudar para que vuestro Dolibarr no se quede anticuado.


Keep updated your ERP / CRM Dolibarr

logo dolibarr Dolibarr no se deja actualizar


  • Upgrade your Dolibarr without complications or risks to the latest version.
  • Keep your data safe. I perform backup before performing the process.
  • all information is migrated without losing anything.
  • Escríbeme y te daré presupuesto personalizado sin compromiso pulsando el siguiente botón:

Quiero saber más sobre cómo Actualizar Dolibarr


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