This problem looks like an X file in Dropbox. I have reviewed many threads unofficial and own Dropbox forums and is something that does not seem to have a clear solution. Deleting a dropbox folder seems impossible mission, it reappears mysteriously. In my case it happens with empty folders.

dropbox Cómo borrar una carpeta de dropbox sin que vuelva a aparecer

I usually use Dropbox to make blog articles. I create a folder for each item where the images placed after the text will include between. Once you have published the article, to keep the images, move the folder to which I have called Posts. It turns out that the move folder reappears in its original site and without the images it contained. Since I realized that I can not delete these folders, always appear and me is filling the empty Dropbox folders.

Possible causes

I have Dropbox synchronized on multiple PCs even further in a Synology NAS. I've come to think that having multiple devices synchronizing at the same time may be the cause of those folders reappear again and again, but I think it is not the reason because the tests I've done have been with a single device connected and the problem persists.


In official Dropbox forums give no solution, or at least not find it. The only way to delete a folder dropbox is commented to contiuación.

The only solution I've found so far and at least alleviates the problem me, it is to create a folder called for example zBorrar and move all those empty folder inside this. So that way I have them all collected in one place without being disturbed.

As an effective solution to what I will show here on the blog, and I hope that at least this little trick you can be helpful at the moment.


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