logo dolibarr Configuración básica para comenzar con ERP Dolibarr

I will summarize the basic tasks you may need to start working with Dolibarr. These basic tasks are creating invoices for our customers to have recorded the work and we make so we can know what we have to declare VAT every quarter.

  • We started by a previous security settings that should do after installing our ERP:

After completing the installation, a security warning if we access the file first, appear indicating that there install.lock in the root folder of the web and in the documents folder. We can create the empty file and read-only in that folder or add the following configuration parameter from Dolibarr admin panel by going to Start> Settings> Miscellaneous and add this parameter:


That way you will stop and get out the error security of our website and can be safely work.

  • First, let's set our data Company (Or autonomic profile):
    • VAT management: Subject to VAT
    • RE management: Subject to RE (autononomos)
    • Personal income tax management: Subject to income tax (Income Tax Invoices with sporadic)
  • Define Types of Members (Required for User Registration) -> Go to Members, in the menu go to type izda members and select New. Member create the type "Standard" with:
    • Subject to trading: Yes
    • Authorized Vote: No
  • Create a User -> Go to Members, and in the menu select New member izda.
  • Create a Generic Third POS -> Go to Third Parties, and in the menu select New izda third. I've created with this setting:
    • Subject to VAT: Yes
    • Subject to RE: Do not
    • Potential client / CllienteNeither client or potential client (Select this option to not appear after us as a client when making a budget or bill).
    • Third type: Private
    • Legal form: Individual entrepreneur
  • Create a warehouse for products -> Go to Products / Services, and in the menu select izda Stocks, and then New warehouse.
  • Creating company contacts -> Are created within the Third, down one box appears Contacts and right "Create contact / address" it appears.
  • enable Personal Income Tax -> If you emit bills with personal income tax must be activated in the settings of your company, and must also activate for each client (Third) that give high. This is because there may be customers who can issue with / without income tax. To create Quotes / Invoices with income tax, personal income tax applies only to items of type Service. If these items Type Product no income tax will be added.
  • Invoices emission -> To issue an invoice must follow the following process:

1. Create budget (Optional Step)

2. Close Budget (Optional Step) (Only generate invoice will stop if Signed closes. The bill can not be changed.)

3. Generate Invoice

3.1.- can happen to tell us that we have not selected any form of payment Invoices module configuration. To do this, go to Start> Condifuración> Modules> Invoices and go to block "Payment suggested for bills if they are not explicitly defined" and select that mode will require payment for crediting an account and check. Prior to this we create our bank account within the "Banks / Boxes" module.

4. Validate invoice. Once it validated the bill correctly generates the reference "Ref. Customer "that we used for this client.

5. Payment Issue. Once validated the bill, it will be issued with charge pending payment. If you click on "Issue payment" we indicate to the system that we have received the payment from our customer.

  • Invoices Exc -> You have to do the following:
    • Configure the Client Subject to VAT = No Subject to personal income tax = No.
    • When you add products Dif- five fields to fill (VAT Unit Price, Quantity, Discount, Purchase Price). It would suffice to indicate 0% VAT and the budget should get away with no mention of VAT in the total budget.
  • Deiva settings and personal income tax -> Ir a Inicio > Configuración > Diccionarios > Tasa de IVA (Impuesto sobre ventas en EEUU). Ahí podemos ir añadiendo todas las combinaciones que necesitemos (si no existe la añadimos):
    • VAT and income tax
    • VAT without income tax
    • Excluding VAT and income tax
    • Excluding VAT and income tax

And define the% corresponding to the current situation of the VAT, 16%, 18% and 21% we have today. We will be turning on / off each as go changing economic situation.

  • Quarterly reports to find out which VAT must enter Hacienda: Let Financial part> Taxes and Charges> VAT, and we report each quarter broken down by VAT we pay to making appear.

And just at the moment. To be learning a little more I recommend the video tutorials that come in the youtube channel dolibar.

Keep updated your ERP / CRM Dolibarr

logo dolibarr Configuración básica para comenzar con ERP Dolibarr


  • Upgrade your Dolibarr without complications or risks to the latest version.
  • Keep your data safe. I perform backup before performing the process.
  • all information is migrated without losing anything.
  • Escríbeme y te daré presupuesto personalizado sin compromiso pulsando el siguiente botón:

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