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Every business has expenses and all we get reports Expenses / Income to see our balance of benefits. It seems (as I read on the official forum) currently Dolibarr has no control in detail of such movements and what people do is reflect in some way so that they can get their reports while Dolibarr develop such functionality.

As yet I have little conomiento economy, to add up the numbers, I see that there are two possible ways to do this and I understand that both are valid and should be used both depending on the target you want to have:

  • Create a supplier and create invoices issued us our supplier purchases we make.
  • Create a record new movements of our financial account and assign a category to have it controlled costs in reports.

Pegas I see each of the possibilities we can select:

  • The downside that I see at first is that we must "double up" the invoice issued by our supplier in our dolibar system. If you have a lot of detail, it is a nuisance having to duplicate all entries with their amounts and add up the numbers. I think they could have simplified a bit or I'm not doing it correctly.
  • The downside that I see the second option is that these movements do not appear in the financial report and detail of what we paid would be lost, because we can not include any note. You can make this option rather for other movements that do not have much to do with the expenses of the company, and that any expenditure should have your bill is deductible or not.

As best option seems that it is best to create us the ProviderCreate their InvoicesAnd we thus appears all reflected from the Financial report.

Anyway, I explain how to do each of the forms:

How do creating a supplier:

Here I will not go much into detail. The process would be almost idéntido to that explained in my other blog you here.

The steps are:

  • Create Provider
  • Create Invoices
  • issue the payments (From the bill, button payment issue). These payments will be associated with the account Expenses on the Financial report.
  • Consult Financial report from the Financial moduleIn the menu select izda Information.
%name Cómo reflejar los gastos en Dolibarr

Income and Expenditure Report Financial Module

How do create a record in our financial account:

Add Expenses

  • From Banks / Boxes, Click in our financial account.
  • We go to the tab dealings:
%name Cómo reflejar los gastos en Dolibarr

Dela financial account transactions

  • Añadimos un registro nuevo:
    • We set the date:
    • Indicate the type of movement (admission, transfer, paypal, check, ...).
    • Indicate the label. I indicated "expenses".
    • We indicate a category.
    • E indicate the amount to be paid in the field should to be subtracted from our balance.
  • click on Add On to create the expenditure.
%name Cómo reflejar los gastos en Dolibarr

Add record financial account

Create categories Expenses

If we want to group types of expenses and then get reports grouped by light or water for example, we create a new category. To do this, from Banks / BoxesIn the menu on the left select Categories and we create our categories. When we add records to the movements of our own we can select the category that fits.

reconciling Records

Once created expenses, or emitdidas created invoices and payments, we must reconcile our financial account movements. For that:

  • From Banks / BoxesIn our financial account
  • Click on the button Reconcile.
  • And we will request that Conciliemos recent movements we have had and which have yet to reconcile.
  • Indicate the date and category you want to associate the conciliation. In the case of reconciling an expense, to me you have ordered separately from the rest of invoices to suppliers (as it was not associated with any Third) And I could tell his Expense Category I believe that in the previous step.
%name Cómo reflejar los gastos en Dolibarr

reconciling movements


The report of the financial part of Dolibarr where income / expenses not show these movements as they are not affiliated to any Third / Supplier. To see them have to go to the reports that are in the module Banks / BoxesWithin our financial account and monthly report E / S.

%name Cómo reflejar los gastos en Dolibarr

Accounts Report

Keep updated your ERP / CRM Dolibarr

logo dolibarr Cómo reflejar los gastos en Dolibarr


  • Upgrade your Dolibarr without complications or risks to the latest version.
  • Keep your data safe. I perform backup before performing the process.
  • all information is migrated without losing anything.
  • Escríbeme y te daré presupuesto personalizado sin compromiso pulsando el siguiente botón:

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